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If you’re a business owner in today’s world one of the things that you need to know from the very beginning is the fact that there are no more trends every single day and it is your job to keep up with them in order to have a successful business. Since over 60% of online product sales and searches are happening on mobile devices, it has become very important for any ecommerce website to be fully equipped to be able to handle that as well, on top of all of the other tasks. Because of this growing online world of sales, ecommerce providers I had to work incredibly hard to make sure that their platforms will be able to take care of all of these aspects for their customers. Finding the best ecommerce platform for startups in Canada is incredibly important because it will allow you to take your business in the right direction from the very beginning. Today we are going to talk about some of the best ones out there that will be perfect for your start up business, so definitely make sure to take some notes and read until the end to find out more information.



As a platform that was launched all the way back in 1999, this is definitely one of the earliest players the ecommerce business platform arena and because of that it is no surprise that it currently hosts over 40,000 different online stores. This is a platform that is perfect for stores in a very wide range of industries and thanks too it’s very comprehensive list of functionalities and different built-in features, this platform is often thought of as the very best option for business owners that have either very little or no technical knowledge. Something that a lot of people love about Volusion is the fact that there are no transaction fees on sales, you can easily sync your online stores with social media platforms like Facebook, or market places like Amazon and eBay. There are very detailed guys as well as really helpful video tutorials that are perfect for people that have no technical experience.



Our next contender for the best ecommerce platform for startups in Canada is PrestaShop. This is a platform that was launched in 2007 and has since provided ecommerce solutions to over 250,000 online stores all over the world. This is an amazing option for a start up business because it is a self hosted solution that also happens to be free to use. There are definitely some limits when it comes to the features and functionalities compared to other platforms, but if you have some good web development skills you will still be able to set up a very good store at a much lower price with this platform. This is a platform that is user intuitive and it offers over 1200 third party themes that are mobile friendly. It also includes guides that will help you get started, documentation, great community forums, training and so on all in order to make your experience easier.


To finish off we are going to talk about the e-commerce solution that is probably the most famous. Shopify is a great solution for any start up, regardless of whether we’re talking about a brick and mortar store or an online store. This is a platform that currently hosts over 325,000 online stores and the platform continues to grow and evolve in order to meet the growing requirements of all of those businesses. It is also perfect for a start up because you will have access to 24/7 live support via either chat, phone call or email and there is also a community forum which you will find to be very helpful whenever you run into a problem. If you want to take a look at this incredible ecommerce platform, just click here.

The over a 100 mobile friendly store themes will also be a great help when it comes to the way that your store looks. The perfect ecommerce platform will make all the difference when it comes to the way that your business starts working from the very beginning. Choosing the best e-commerce platform for start ups in Canada will give you the opportunity to have a business that runs with much more efficiency, and hopefully one of the options that we mentioned above will be exactly what you were looking for for your own business.